What is Spandexless?

Spandexless is a news and comics company dedicated to reporting on the comics creative process and industry through reporting, as well as the of the feature and publication of comics outside the superhero genre through the Spandexless Annual

Why Not Superheroes?

Mainstream superhero comics have been an important part of our reading lives. We love superheroes. But—strong as they may be—superheroes should not be burdened with carrying the weight of the entire medium. We want to to shine a light on comics that don’t fall into the usual format, titles that slip from the mainstream.

Weren't You Around Before?

Yes! Spandexless was originally founded in 2011 by Alex Jarvis and Beth Scorzato as a review site, dedicated to the same kinds of comics we currently feature. The website grew to about 12 regular and contributing reviewers, and posted regularly through 2013, publishing comics reviews as well as interviews, features, and coverage of shows like the Small Press Expo. Due to other work commitments, the site has been largely dark since 2013, with a few posts showing up on Tumblr or Facebook in the interim. While our work product has changed since our founding, we are still committed to our original mission: feature of comics outside of the superhero genre, with a particular focus on small press and self-published works.

If you are looking for a post from our original site, you can take a look through our archive.