Spandexless wants you! / by Beth Scorzato


Hello and welcome to Spandexless! Please feel free to read our “Who are we?” post or even my post on how I got into comics, but for now, for THIS post, here’s what you need to know:


We are dedicated to the review, feature and discussion of comics outside the superhero genre. We are passionate about comics as literature, art, and (possibly) career choice. But if we truly want to cover everything that deserves covering, we’re going to need help. We may be a scrappy new website and have moxie and all that jazz, but we also both have other jobs.


So that means we are looking for contributors and ideas! We can’t offer any compensation other than a byline, the warm fuzzies you get from expressing your opinion on the Internet and our gratitude. And maybe if you live in the NYC area I will bake you cookies. I make awesome cookies.


Not interested in writing? That’s okay to

o. We still want to hear from you. What titles do you think deserve featuring on this site? No book is too old or too obscure. We’re sure we can’t possibly have read all the great non-superhero comics out there. There’s just too many! You can take a look at some of the books we are familiar with through our Amazon webstore.


We’ll also be doing reviews of upcoming titles in the coming months through partnership with some great publishers, big and small, who are graciously allowing us to preview their new titles. But we’re definitely still looking for even more partners. If you are a publisher with an upcoming title that you think fits our style, we’d love to review it for you!


Any and all comments, concerns, questions, or compliments can be sent to TalkToUs at, or by checking out the contact information of the authors on the c

ontact page.


Finally, if you are at SDCC this weekend, look for me! I will be there working at the Fanfare/Ponet Mon booth part of the time. The rest of it will be spent dashing around dressed like a steampunk or the Eleventh Doctor, handing out cards for Spandexless and buying WAY too many books (no I won’t because there’s no such thing). If you want to meet up to talk about comics, the website or just to say hi, try and spot me, or, since that’s likely impossible, shoot me a tweet at @spandexless and we’ll make it happen.


Thanks for reading and we look forward to your feedback!