SPX Day 2: Consummate Professionals / by Alex Jarvis

That's Jade, the three-legged pug and new Spandexless Mascot. But enough about...

...Alright, here's another picture.

ADORABLE. You can check out Jade's owner (unfortunately not us), Joy Taney on her blog, where you can also see some of her art (and more pictures of her pugs!).

Day two of SPX was exhilarating, and almost as expensive as day one. Beth and I procured a voice recorder for the daily mission: talk to as many creators as we could. Those that we did talk to will have their interviews going live later this week. Many apologies to K.C. Green, who endured technical failure as our recorder died somewhere near the beginning of the interview without me noticing, and then Beth tried to take his picture but first left the lens cap on and then accidentally caused a camera error by holding the flash down. We are consummate professionals here, people.



Later in the day, I was walking in an aisle when I turned very suddenly, bumping the woman standing behind me. I apologized, looked up, and saw that I was standing next to Joyce Brabner, widow of the late Harvey Pekar. As our very first post and one of my tattoos suggests, I am something of a fan of Mr. Pekar, and to meet Joyce (an illustrator in her own right) was surreal.

She was very busy, advertising the project to build a Harvey Pekar memorial in Cleveland (Please support it) and I felt bad interrupting her. "I'm sorry," I said, "I have to do the 'Nerd thing.' " She looked at me, smiled graciously, and gave me a big hug. "It's okay. Do the nerd thing."

I plan on it, Joyce. Support the memorial.

Remember that haul from yesterday?  I had to purchase a bag to hold everything that I bought here at the con, on top of the extra bag Beth brought. (At least one of us was prepared! *ahem* -Beth) and I want to do something for all the amazing talent I viewed here this week. SPX was a convention unlike any I ever attended. Everyone in there was doing something that they loved, something they poured themelves into. People handed me books for free, just in the hopes that I would read them. And I am going to read them. Every single one.

Therefore, we're announcing our first POST-CON AFTERMATH: THE REVIEWENING.

Alright, we might not call it that. (Though we probably will). Still, the details are the same: we are both going to review every single comic that we got at SPX. Every little indie comic, every big name anthology. If it went in the tote bag, we are reviewing it. And it's going on the site this week. Beth has requested that you pray to the Gods of Coffee for her that she can get through it all and write posts that make sense outside her head (which is why she previously hasn't written much).

We're also really hoping to get all of our creative interviews up here as soon as possible, but that might be a little more tricky, since we still have to transcribe them and we want to make sure we get it right.

This weekend was all about SPX, and this week is going to be all about SPX review. Stay with us as we give you the lowdown on every single thing that we picked up this past weekend.

I want to thank all the people that made SPX so great for us. It was Beth's and my first outing as official Spandexlings (I think we have a winner) and the creators were all more than willing to accommodate us and our questions, comments, "Nerd Things," et all. Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for letting us write about the medium I love.

Also, we'd like to thank the amazing organizers and staff of the Small Press Expo for putting on such a great show. Sure the comics were great, but all the credit goes to you.

Can we do one more picture of Jade?