SPX Pulls: Darryl Ayo Roundup / by Alex Jarvis

Darryl Ayo had a big night on September 10. Not only did he win an Ignatz Award, but he did so in the sight of his mother and godmother. Congrats, Darryl! I picked up three of his mini comics the next day, and - while I didn’t get a chance to pick up the award winning work, as it is entirely digital--I quickly understood why he walked away with such a prestigious award. Here’s a look at all the Ayo books I picked up over the weekend. Be sure to check him out at his website. anyANYway #1

I really like anyANYway, and I am mad that I didn’t pick up more of it when I had the chance. The art--like the great majority of Ayo’s work--is delightfully schizophrenic. The stories involved are equally varied. I loved the second one (The idea of “Enemies with benefits” is something that makes me very, very happy) and I want to see this story expounded upon. Maybe I will.

Lizzie’s Tail

I have a feeling I am going to use the word “Delightful” a lot when discussing Ayo’s work. Tail is a fantasy daydream about the origins of a necklace. It inclues battle-hardened women and frisky mermaids. It’s a good collection. I feel like there could be - or perhaps, could have been--a deeper significance, but I didn’t see it. Lucklily, it didn’t bother me much.

The River of Un-Forgiven Sin


A wordless adventure that involves a troupe of monsters. Now, in this I know there was a deeper story, though I am still trying to suss it out. Featuring a cameo from the necklace in Lizzie’s Tail, Sin is a delight (you may now take a drink) to read and own. Pick it up if you ever get the chance.