SPX Pulls: Dresden Codak Primer, Aaron Diaz / by Alex Jarvis



I know a few things about Aaron Diaz. One: He and I share similar thoughts regarding technology. Two: My God, he is a snappy dresser. Three: His art is beyond gorgeous. All three things were reaffirmed for me at SPX, where I was delighted to find a collected edition of his work available for sale, namely, The Distinctly Essential Dresden Codak Primer.  Diaz is also one of the creators who was nice enough to let us interview him at SPX. Look for that interview sometime next week.

Calling it a primer is no accident: the book is definitely meant to serve as an introduction to his work. I've been a fan of Dresden Codak since around the time of his fantastic Hob storyline (Dresden Codak's first big foray into canon, readable here), and was familiar with much of what was going on. At first I was disappointed... until I remembered point three above.   This art is simply breathtaking. The larger part of the primer concerns itself with the build of the individual characters, how to design different facial features and outfits depending on pose and stance. Diaz is a master of this form, and I only wish I was an artist so I could more effectively make use of his advice. Every single page is packed margin-to-margin with forms, faces, shapes, and sweet, sweet information. For a great example of the kind of behind-the-scenes knowledge you'll see in the book, check out the posts on Diaz's art blog like this one.

This is where the book becomes really useful to people like me. I really enjoyed the additional information regarding he recent "Dark Science" storyline, and was glad he included it. Continuing even further, Diaz included some cool Dungeons and Discord stuff, as well as six-or-so pages of hilarious Kim Ross dress-up sketches.

TL;DR: New to Dresden Codak? Buy this book and learn the magic. Old fan? Buy this book and learn some more nooks and crannies of the universe. Artist? Buy this book and read it until your eyes bleed.

The Distinctly Essential Dresden Codak Primer by Aaron Diaz is available at his website, Dresden Codak.