SPX Pulls: Healed, George O'Connor & S. Griffin / by Alex Jarvis

I met George and Griffin at SPX 2011 as they stood vigilantly at their booth. Beth had run into them earlier, and introduced me to them. An hour later, I walked away from the booth with all four issues of Healed and two new chums. Cue music. Big puffy rainbows. An orchestra. Buddies.

Friendship aside, the concept of Healed appealed to me right away. It’s like a Twilight Zone episode strung out for four issues. What if sickness, disease, pestilence, etc. just... went away? What if humanity essentially became immortal? Cue my friends all nodding their heads, understanding why I am so in love with this idea. It’s an idea that doesn’t ask anything of it’s reader. It’s a rule. In a lot of ways, the most interesting science fiction stories include the introduction, or removal, of a rule.

But the gang at Homeless Comics doesn’t end there, oh no. They proceed to further press directly on the pleasure center of my brain by decentralizing the story. There is no central plot, there are no main characters. Instead, the books focus on different stories, each looking at a new scenario in a world operating under this new rule. What would society do? What would happen to doctors? How would humans change? These are the kinds of stories you don’t always have the time to explore if you are forced to stand by strict themes of plot, character development, etc.

One note about these comics: despite being indie as the best of them, the professionalism of the comics is undeniable. These are comic books, guys. I feel like this would be just as at home on a comic store shelf as it would be SPX.

My only real criticism is that I’m not sure the art fit the story well. Griffin does a great job, but I find the sketchy quality of the art (which is a style that I typically enjoy) betrays the professionalism of the rest of the book. Being that rest of the book felt so much like it would have been a title from a bigger publisher, I felt like the art didn't match that image. And though I found it a little distracting, it was not so incongruous that I disliked the book. In fact, I enjoyed it a great deal, I just wonder if it wouldn’t have been helped by an additional inking stage.

TL;DR: A great series with a professional look and an old-school premise. These guys are fantastic--check them out.

Healed #1-4 has been put out by Homeless Comics, and we recommend you pick them up there, as soon as possible.