SPX Pulls: Mini Comic Roundup 3 / by Beth Scorzato

Time for my own mini-mini-comic roundup! I didn't pick up nearly as many books as Alex, but of the ones I did, I think I got the most pleasure out of my mini-comic choices.

Jailbreak! & The Never Ending War by Adam Dembicki

Six-year-old Adam Dembicki wants to be a comic book artist. And with his own section of the DC Conspiracy table at SPX, I think he's off to a good start! Though he got a little help from dad, comics creator Matt Dembicki, Adam made up all his own stories (and approved all of dad's changes) and did all of his own drawings. And the stories are really very good! They are clever and well-thought-out, even working with only eight very small pages. And to top it all off, he looked very spiffy in his very own army helmet, which he wore both days of the convention. I got to talk to him Sunday about writing stories, drawing, and Star Wars, and you can read my brief interview with him later this week on the site. So far Adam has self-published three mini-comics, and I think he has a long career ahead of him. Good luck, Adam!

Little Lost Yeti & Bitch Stole My Fish, Jim Coon/Last Dollar Comics

Both of these mini-comics I picked up purely because I liked the titles. They did not disappoint. Both books are short, sweet, and have the cadence and payoff of the best story-length jokes. These are yet another set of mini-comics that I did a dramatic reading of, because I'm corny and I like to share things I find funny with others. I can't really tell you what either book is about without spoiling them for you. Each page is a single panel with the next part of the story, like a children's picture book. There is no dialogue. Therefore, by necessity, each story establishes it's tone, characters and story very fast, and doesn't waste time on unnecessary details. Even if he wasn't a clearly talented artist, Coon is clearly a great comedic writer. His sensibilities and timing are perfect. If you have a chance to pick up any of the books from the Last Dollar catalogue, do. You will want to keep every last one of them as precious little art pieces. Also, I did literally spend my last dollar on these books (which were selling for a dollar each at the time). Last Dollar Comics is a collaboration between Jim Coon and Terry Flippo, though both of these particular books seem to be written by Coon. You can check out Last Dollar Comics on their website.