SPX Pulls: Mini Comic Roundup, The Finale / by Alex Jarvis

We’ve reached the end; all the mini-comics I bought are finished reviewening, save for a few creator-specific ones that will go live later this week. Where did the time go? Oh, right. It went towards these awesome short books. Now, now, I know what you are thinking; “But Alex, these mini-comics review were the only thing to bring light into my dark, desperate life!” And to you, fair reader, I offer only one thing. Courage.

You Don’t Know Much About Jesus, Peter Quach

This cut me deep. It’s a simple comic, depicting boyish whimsy against fundamental religion. It’s got the charms of a real indie comic--scissor cut lines and home staples. Still, in its five pages, it packs some emotional depth. I would not be surprised to find this was based on a real event, which sucks even more.  Check out Peter Quach here.

Home Brew, Andy Warner

I think I am dumb. There is a greater point to this story (about a new friend in a group of established friends with a penchant for homebrew and an oddly charismatic demeanor.). It might be about drastic personal change. It might be about fads that rob people of their identity. I am sure that it is a fantastically drawn narrative with a funny conclusion, and that I recommend it. Check out more of Andy at his website.

Midnight Surprise, KC Green

My God; it’s full of stars. A collection of mini-comics from KC Green’s Gunshow, they range from the hilarious to the maddening... which are often still hilarious. There is no way for me to describe this comic, other than urging you to check it out. It is crude and funny. It is schizophrenic and talented. Buy this. Read it. Know fear. You can find it at the TopatoCo store.