SPX Special Guest Craig Thompson and Beth's Other Job / by Beth Scorzato

Hello Spandexlessers! (Is that what we decided on?)

We will be bringing your more SPX 2011 news throughout the day on Twitter and the week on the site, but if you want some chewy comics goodness RIGHT NOW to start your Sunday off right, you can read the Q&A I did with SPX Special Guest Craig Thompson on his new book, Habibi, for Publishers Weekly Comics World. Craig is a super cool dude (who even took time out of his insane schedule here to have lunch with me today, like a true gentleman) and Habibi is absolutely outstanding. I would recommend it to anyone, and, in fact I will when I post a review of it later this week.

Check out an excerpt from the Q&A I conducted for PW, and you can read the full interview on their website by following the link below.

PW Comics World: Why tell this particular story in this way? Why set it in an ambiguously modern time in an ambiguous Middle East? Do you feel the story would have been as effective anywhere else?

Craig Thompson: Yeah, I think it could have taken place anywhere. There wasn’t an agenda to make a love story. That sort of emerged later. It was originally very much about the darkness of sexual trauma and for me there was a surprising turn that there was a place of healing for the characters. But as far as the landscape, I was borrowing from Arabian Nights as a genre. And I say genre in the same way that “cowboys and Indians” are sort of a fantastical representation of the American West. I liked all the tropes of that sort of fairy tale landscape of deserts and harems and genies. People work with all kinds of genres and I was excited to work with that one.
PWCW: Throughout the book you obviously reference stories of the Bible and the Quran, but in the notes in the back I noticed you also drew on many other texts in the background art throughout. How much research went into this book?

Want to know the answer? Read the rest of the interview on the PW site!

But you know what you can see here? The awesome PowerPoint slide that accompanied his moment as presenter at the Ignatz Awards. He wasn't quite sure what to do with it but it made everyone in the audience pretty happy.

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