SPX Talks: Adam Dembicki / by Beth Scorzato

Six-year-old Adam Dembicki already has three self-published comics that he wrote and drew, a sweet army helmet, and a solid knowledge of the Clone Wars. All I did this morning was make coffee and transcribe this interview. He's a pretty cool kid and I got to talk to him during SPX where he was with his father, artist Matt Dembicki, and the DC Conspiracy group. He told me about how he gets his ideas, his favorite things to draw, and schools me on my misidentification of Boba Fett. I look forward to more comics from Adam as he grows and you can read my review of his mini-comics Jailbreak and The Never Ending War in our Mini Comic Roundup 3. Beth: How long do you take to draw your comics?

Adam Dembicki: Probably like almost every day. Like if I stay up late I try to finish them. Or sometimes in the morning or afternoon.

B: How did you come up with the idea for your stories?

AD: Well one of them I actually watched a commercial about Cowboys & Aliens and that soldier comic--I got aliens from the Cowboys & Aliens and I just like soldiers to have a little fun. But I kind of mixed them up. And the jail breakout one I don't really know where I got the idea from. I think I just had it.

B: What was your favorite thing to draw in all your comics?

AD: The Star Wars ones.

B: You like Star Wars?

AD: Yeah. I drew this one.

*He shows me one of his handmade business cards with a Star Wars drawing on the back*

B: Oh, is that Boba Fett?

AD: No, it's one of his soldiers.

B: Oh! It's a Storm Trooper! That's so cool!

AD: But these aren't like Storm Troopers. They are like bounty hunters. They are like guy hunting clones. But first he attacked Grevious and the Emperor he gives him the signal and it's just odd how they just started shooting Jedis. Obi-Wan survives. But the rest don't survive. They die. They get shot.

B: Are you drawing any more comics that you're going to do?

AD: I don't really know, but maybe the Star Wars ones.

*He readjusts his army helmet*

B: I like your helmet.

AD: Thanks.

B: So do you want to draw comics when you grow up?

AD: Yes.