Beth's NYCC Day 1: In Which I Can't Get It Together / by Beth Scorzato

It's finally here. The weekend we've been so anxiously awaiting: New York Comic Con.

I have personally attended three NYCCs prior to this, but only one as a fan. I volunteered one year and worked a booth another and this year I'm attending as Press. I find it's best to have a purpose at con or I tend to get overwhelmed and grouchy. Scratch that. I'm grouchy anyway. I was only on the show floor for a half an hour today and I have already made one check mark in the "Beth is ornery to someone on the floor" column. In my defense, she stopped in the middle of an aisle for no apparent reason other than to flirt with a booth from a distance, like if she walked up to it, it would bite her and take her money or something.

But I digress.

As I said, I only got to do the show floor for a half an hour of the three hours it was open today. Why, you might ask? Because I could not get it together today. I was so excited to get going and start meeting publishers and creators and handing out our shiny new press onesheets that I kept forgetting stuff. My phone, my wallet (though I didn't really forget this but didn't realize it was just in the wrong pocket until I walked ALL THE WAY back to my apartment), to eat lunch... and I got in a fight with a FedEx copy machine. Overall, I'd give today a B-.

It was salvaged mostly by the awesome talk I had with Alex Jansen, owner of Pop Sandbox. We're both ramblers, so we ended up chatting for about an hour and a half in what was supposed to be a quick interview for the article I'm doing on his company for PW Comics World. His company is doing some really cool cross-medium works. Incorporating long-form journalism, graphic novels, film, interactive narratives and more, Pop Sandbox is really more of a production company than a publisher, but either way their work is top notch. Their first two books, Kenk  and The Next Day have already been released in Canada to postivie reviews, and both titles will be releasing through Diamond in the US on November 2. If you are at NYCC, you should go check out their stuff at the Diamond booth (#334). If you're not, you should definitely look at their website.

Now I'm going to go eat some Indian food, watch Community and Parks & Recreation, and get my shit together for tomorrow. For real this time.

See you on the show floor!