Proof God Hates Me / by Spandexless

by Abigail Ortlieb

Proof God Hates Me is a hilarious, up-and-coming webcomic that turns feelings of persecution from a higher being (i.e. really bad luck) into a literal, out-to-get-me storyline focusing on our victim (and author), Jorge, and his omnipotent bully who comes down occasionally to harass Jorge on Earth.

It's every college graduate's life story.  Okay, maybe not EVERY one's, but if you don't get a tiny twinge of nostalgia for all the weird, bizarre stuff that went down in those post-college years (or maybe you're still living them out), then you missed out on some awesome times.  Jorge--author, illustrator, and main character--tells the story of his experiences in those years through the lens of a cynical victim who rides out the ups and downs that God and life throw at him.

Am I making it sound dark and a little blasphemous?  That's because it is--in the best and most hilarious way!

When Jorge began this web comic, he offered up his readers a choice of titles; while Proof God Hates Me makes for a pretty hilarious theme, his alternate title, Wayward Twentysomething, could have been a fair replacement.  As a wayward twentysomething myself, I can vouch that it explicates pretty clearly on the rollercoaster that is "the real world."  I mean, it has pretty much everything you could ask for to describe the twentysomething experience:  miserable jobs, video games, raucous parties, and zombies!

The storyline comes in micro-bursts, with a few posts telling a story followed by a Monty Python style, "And now for something completely different!"  It's a fun read this way.  Unlike web comics like Questionable Content that follow a linear plot with a few deviations, Proof God Hates Me starts with a random spattering of hilarious content and slowly drizzles its way into longer storylines.  The characters remain pretty constant throughout, though, which is not surprising since it is loosely based on Jorge's life, friends, and family.  It kept me constantly entertained, and while Jorge's life is pretty gosh darn funny, it's his sporadic encounters with his own vengeful god that really make it a comic worth following.

My one qualm with the comic is that its style hasn't really been set in stone yet (okay, and the occasional spelling error really irks me).  This is easily forgiven, though, because it is such a young comic.  All of the characters initially look like a colored-pencil rendering of Coraline's dad (button-world version), but the transition from slightly sketchy, alienesque characters to Photoshop rendering is pretty fast for an artist who claims to have no talent.  This could partly be attributed to the fact that the comics come few and far between; Proof God Hates Me started in January of this year and has yet to reach its 100th comic.  Again--forgivable because the content is funny and worth waiting for. Plus, Jorge has a lot of other web-endeavors he's working on simultaneously.  As a new comic out in the vast waters of the interwebs, it is still trying to find its sea legs, but with the speed of progress thus far, I have little doubt that it will be sailing smoothly soon enough.

TL;DR:  If you recently graduated college and are still trying to find that elusive "real world" that everyone talks about, then you will love and relate to Proof God Hates Me.

Proof God Hates Me is written and illustrated by Jorge McKay, who also writes another webcomic called Pandemonium and puts out a podcast with his friend Rowdy. You can read it online here.

Abigail currently writes freelance reviews for Spandexless and, among others, and owns her own company, The Eccentric Perspective, creating wearable artwork.  She has her B.A. in English and plans on graduate school, but refuses to ever drop the title, "Jack of All Trades." You can find her online through her website or on Facebook.