Spandexless @ New York Comic Con / by Alex Jarvis


Spandexless is going to the Big Apple, kids. And we’re getting in for free.

Sweet, sweet validity never saved us so much money. Packing press passes, the Spandexless crew will be running around at New York Comic Con. I’ve been visiting the con for the past four years, but this will be the first time I am burdened with the responsibility of you, our loving fans.

If you are going to be amongst the cosplaying, fanboying, huddled masses in the Javits center next weekend, then you should look for us! There will be at least three of us representing our humble site at NYCC, though some of our contributing writers will also be in attendance as fans throughout the weekend. Of course, the schedule of New York Comic Con--the signings, the shows, the panels, the attractions--are in a constant state of "will I get in." As such, we may not know up until the day of the con what we are planning on going to. If you want to check out our planned NYCC coverage, check out our NYCC 2011 dedicated page for up-to-the-minute (or, up-to-the-last-time-we-had-wireless) information. We’re going to be there all four days talking to publishers, writers, artists... and, yes, enjoying whatever oddities the con has to throw at us. Remember last year had that cool Michael Jackson game? Man, that was fun.

One place you definitely will see us at is the Geek Girls Network Party, where we are happy to be a sponsor of the event! Tickets are cheap (only $5) and still available through October 15. So grab a ticket, stop on by and feel free to get us as liquored up as your money will allow. We’ll be glad you came, and happy to see you.

And, of course, post-con, another REVIEWENING!

I am counting the days until NYCC. With any luck, I'll see you at the Javits!