Spandexless Supports: Tyranny of the Muse / by Spandexless


Haven't you heard? Kickstarter is rapidly becoming the largest "publisher" of comic books around! That being said, check out this comics project that needs your support RIGHT NOW!

Tyranny of the Muse by writer Eddie Wright and artist Jesse Balmer is a comic book series about a sad-sack, inspiration-addict, who is obsessed with the idea of nothingness.

When a mysterious, chain-smoking muse named Bonnie offers her unique assistance to Frank Fisher (our sad-sack hero), by injecting literal seeds of inspiration directly into his brain, the couple find themselves on a twisted, frantic, chaotic, fast-paced and surreal path littered with addiction, self-loathing, vindictive mailmen, infected wounds and angry hamsters. Through it all, they rely only on each other as they work through Frank's strangely familiar screenplay in their search for the ever-elusive somethingness while avoiding the terrifying curse of nothingness. Tyranny of the Muse combines the storytelling of Philip K. Dick, David Lynch, William S. Burroughs and David Cronenberg with the alternative art style of Charles Burns, R. Crumb and Paul Pope. Tyranny of the Muse is based on Wright's critically-acclaimed cult novella Broken Bulbs. This Kickstarter will fund the first volume in a multi-volume series.

We're excited to see the finished product and we encourage your to pledge your support. The project still needs $1716.00 with six days to go. You can check out Tyranny of the Muse's Kickstarter page for more info on pledge amounts and rewards. You can also find out more on the creator Eddie Wright's website for the project.

Not into this concept? There are plenty of other comics projects on Kickstarter that could use your support. Pledge a few bucks and help grow the independent comics community! We know we will.