3 Comics To Get Him For Valentine's Day / by Alex Jarvis


Have a significant other who isn't into comic books? Want them to finally understand the hobby you've been enthusiastically gobbling up week by week? We've assembled three books to give your significant other during this Valentine's Day, as a way to showcase the best of what the medium has to offer the skeptical would-be reader. What's more, we're going to  show off some of the comics we've found to be particularly popular with members of one gender over another (not to get all heteronormative here; I can personally attest to loving the hell out of all of the books on our list.) Now, we give the other half some love: Comics that will get your boyfriend hooked into comic books.

1: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

It would be easy to look at all the violence in Image's Luther Strode and write off my endorsement as an appeal to some ancient caveman gore principle--but it's actually more insidious than that. Luther Strode starts off this (still ongoing) series as a high-school... not loser, per se, but weirdo. Tall, gangly, bespecticled, and at the mercy of your average high school neanderthal. It's a story that a lot of men are familiar with: not being mercilessly picked on necessarily, but being a weirdo. Moreover, the fantasy of transcending that, the fury and righteousness of seeing wrongs righted, is something that a lot of male (and female) readers will identify with.

2: Daytripper

So now you've whetted their appetite with some ultra-violence --hit them with unexpected depth. Daytripper is, ostensibly, a story about fathers and sons (and death). It's a story about a man and his most intimate relationships; his father, his sons, his loves, and his friends. Daytripper continues to delight with every additional read, and it certainly got me teary-eyed at some of its more surreal elements.

3: Y: The Last Man

With their action sated and emotions on high, it's time to switch to the big guns. The automatic machinery. The ultimate story about Men. Well, Man. More specifically, a man.

A Man and his Monkey.

Y: The Last Man is a well celebrated series chronicling a plague that wipes out everything with a Y chromosome - save for our protagonist Yorick, and his monkey pal Ampersand. This is a great series to read together, as the trials and tribulations of Yorick as the last remaining male stays far away from what he might have imagined as a high school student. The world is not a kind place to Mr. Yorick, but with 10 volumes to sink into, you'll have him hook, line, and sinker.

Further Readings:

The Unwritten: Faux Harry-potter dukes it out in a war of words, using fiction as his primary weapon-at-hand.

The Five Fists of Science : Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain battle evil, for science. My god, I can not even begin to imagine what 15-year-old me would have done with this title.

Transmetropolitan: The only book to appear on both lists, it is the opinion of this writer that the story is fairly universal. And if genetically trained attack cancers aren't love, then honey, I don't know what is.

Got any more comics perfectly suited for the skeptical male? Let us know in the comments!