Monday Morning Links: Mysteries in Space Edition / by Alex Jarvis


  Welcome to our inaugural edition of Monday Morning Links! Come here every monday to see news and releases you might have missed over the weekend.




Image released this beautiful cover of Mind the Gap, written by the Eisner award-winning Jim McCann. The cover comes to us by way of Morning Glories cover artist Rodin Esquejo, with colors by by Sonia Oback. It's proposed as a cross between Twin Peaks and The X-Files, and is due in May. [-Image-]




That's not all from Image:  publisher Eric Stephenson gives us this rousing speech from the recent ComicsPRO conference, asking us all to "Experience Creativity". ComicsPRO is a conference between retailers and publishers, and it is cool to see the Image - not a small publisher, but certainly not either of the Big Two - have such a strong sentiment towards the brick-and-mortar stores. [-IFanboy-]




Vertigo has released a huge amount of covers over the last week, including some covers for their new series Fairest, Saucer Country, Dominique Lavarea:Voodoo Child, and The New Deadwardians. On top of all that, we have the return of an old series, Mysteries in Space. I am drooling over this gorgeous cover, and will be absolutely picking this up in May.[- Bleeding Cool-]



Boing Boing tells of an indie comic utilizing a technology usually kept to the realm of programmers: Version control systems. Electric Puppet Theater uses the popular VCS git to create "making of" slide shows of the comic, documenting each phase of the creation process individually as he does it. As someone familiar with the world of tech and comic making, I find this totally fascinating. [- Boing Boing-]




Believe it or not, I do really love superhero comics. Among my eager pull list now is The Flash,which makes me super excited to hear that Flash co-writer Brian Buccellato is stepping into the creator-owned space with his new series, Foster. Check out this interview over at IGNComics. [- IGNComics -]