Oni Press Joins Diamond's Final Order Cutoff / by Alex Jarvis

Oni press celebrated an entire year of on-time books, and to celebrate they have announced that they will be joining Diamond Distributors' "Final Order Cutoff" system, or FOC. They join the ranks of Dark Horse, Image, IDW, DC and Marvel in offering their books past the usual deadline that Diamond sets out for distribution of their books. This means that a store can be very agile in their ordering schemes; if a eleventh-hour headline comes out that makes a book (published by Oni, or any of the other FOC members) suddenly skyrocket in popularity, Diamond can fulfill the order.

It's very interesting to see more independent publications join the FOC system, and uplifting to see one of my favorite publishers commit to stores like this. Good on you, Oni--and congratulations!

If you haven't read any books from Oni, well, shame on you. Check out our reviews of Oni titles Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge, Petrograd, Play Ball, and our talk with Jarret Williams of SUPER PRO KO!


Source: [Bleeding Cool]