Morning Links: This #*?! Isn’t Very Funny Edition / by Alex Jarvis


Blue Men in their Underwear. TGIF. The Beat | The Beat pimps an art show in Pittsburgh, PA at the Toonseum. Featuring the art of Jim Rugg, the exhibit will be running from March 29th-May 6th. [Source]

The  Beat | The Beat continues to curate a list of books coming out this month, a great number of them featuring non-superhero characters. Check them out and empty your wallets, kids. [Source]

Orbital | Orbital Comics has a fantastic interview with Scott Allie, Writer of BPRD: Pickens Country Horror. [Source]

CBR | Comic Book Resources is hosting a 6 page preview of Danger Club, a new book from Image. [Source] 

Robot 6 | Robot 6 (Of course, also on CBR.) has been releasing teasers for a mysterious new Image series, seemingly having to do with the dead rising from the grave... and taking out ads in a newspaper. Color me interested. [Source] 

USA TODAY | USA Today has coverage of the new Vertigo series The New Deadwardians, which they describe as "Downtown Abbey with Zombies and Vampires," which is good enough for us. [Source]

Emerald City Comic Con |  We round out the links with two eleventh-hour Emerald City Comicon programming announcements, from [Dark Horse] and [ONI].