We're Excited About Saga - and You Should be Too / by Beth Scorzato


It's pretty hard to get me excited about anything. You could ask anyone I work with. It's a well-known fact that on first read, I am usually either wary or volatile. But on first read of Saga, I'm excited. It's new for me. And on top of that, it turns out Brian K. Vaughan is a pretty cool guy. Being a Brooklynite, I got the chance to go to a release party for Saga #1, Vaughan's newest ongoing, at the fantastic Bergen Street Comics on Saturday. Here's what I saw:

All these fans packed this tiny shop for the chance to support a brand new title. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Vaughan put it well in his letter at the end of issue #1 (If you didn't read this letter, you should.):

New comic series don't have fans, they have families, small groups of diverse people who band together to keep alive some weird thing that matters only to them.

Which brings me back to the part where Brian K. Vaughan is pretty cool. As much as I really dug Saga, for some reason I was most grasped by his letter at the end and his call for an old-fashioned letter column. Something about that, to me, was just so classy. And he did not disappoint. At the party he not only signed everything anyone brought for him, he took time to talk to people, and even got fellow Image writer Charles Soule to sign a copy of his title, 27 for himself. Plus, he let me take pictures without thinking I was a crazy fangirl and in the comics world, that's ALWAYS cool.

Fiona Staples was not at the event, but that's probably best because then I might really have been a crazy fan girl. I could talk at length about how much I love her art and the things it does to me, but I'm not sure I am willing to try your patience that much, dear reader. Much thanks to Josh Gorfain (fan and aspiring comic book writer... check him out!) for listening to me during the close to five minutes I did spend awkwardly stumbling over my words, trying to express my feelings on it.

All-in-all, the point is, Spandexless is excited about Saga, both in terms of this first issue and the possibility of an ongoing series. Alex went so far as to insist that he and I cosplay as Marko and Alana immediately after reading it. I'm not so sure that will happen, but when I told Vaughan he was certainly excited about the idea too. According to him, he told Fiona that if by the next big convention they didn't have at least a couple nerds dressing up as their characters, then they did it wrong. So get on that, people.

He also told me the secret of how he spilled French Onion Soup on his router. (Read the letter!). I'll never tell.

So without farther ado, let's delve into Alex's review so you can understand all the reasons we're excited about Saga and you should be too.

Best of luck from Spandexless to Vaughan, Staples and Steven Finch (letterer). Here's to hoping Saga is the next big thing.