Birdcage Bottom Books to release DIGESTATE / by Alec Berry


Coming this September, Birdcage Bottom Books will release a new food themed comic book anthology, sporting the likes of numerous cartoonists and creators alike. DIGESTATE will drop at this year's Small Press Expo, and it will feature work from James Kochalka, Victor Kerlow (who drew the image below), Alex Robinson, Ben Snakepit, Noah Van Sciver, J.T. Yost, Box Brown, Renee French and many, many, others.

Other details on the contents of the comic are yet unknown, but the publisher plans to start a Kickstarter campaign in the near future in order to round up the necessary funds for printing.

Birdcage Bottom Books houses the work of founder J.T. Yost (Losers Weepers) as well as distributes Noah Van Sciver's acclaimed series Blammo. DIGESTATE is not the publisher's first foray into anthology work, but it seems to be Birdcage's most expansive in terms of creative input.

As a fan of Yost's work, I look forward to this project. It'll be nice to have something new as well as a little something from the talented others.

For more, check out Yost's blog: