C2E2 Roundup / by Beth Scorzato


We may be a few days late (we were building you this shiny new website!) and many dollars short of actually being there, but here's a small collection of tidbits that came out of this past weekend's C2E2 that we wanted to share. Because we are a sharing people. Except for coffee. I don't share coffee. Powers: FBI | It looks like Powers is getting a promotion. Just kidding. But we're going to get a whole lot more Deena!  [via Multiversity Comics]

Adventure Time | Marceline the Vampire Queen is coming to steal our comic book money starting in July. [via io9]

Buffy-verse | Just as all you Joss Weedon fans are cleaning up your drool over Cabin in the Woods, Dark Horse announces two new  Buffy spinoff miniseries, both slated for later this year: Spike and Willow. [via Robot 6]

Digital | Mark Waid announced Thrillbent, a new digital comics venture focused on new creator-owned titles. [via CBR]

Deep Truths | Webcomic The Gutters gives a totally accurate account of what happened each and every time someone noticed Shia LeBeouf had a booth in Artist's Alley. [via The Gutters]

The LeBeouf | And to round it out, Comics Alliance takes a look at the self-published comics in question and decided they might be a secret code from space. [via Comics Alliance]