Chew Shows us a Sneak Peek at its Final Issue / by Alex Jarvis


Chew just recently printed its 25th issue, but if you've been collecting them diligently (as I have), you'll have 26 issues to read. Why? Because issue #27 came out in between #18 and #19. Confused? It's a technique that confused a lot of the monthly readers, but has so far been considered a unique trick. Issue #27 was printed completely out of order, an interesting tease for those that read it month to month. Then, in issue #25, we jump forward yet again--but this time, to the last issue of the series, and only for a single panel.  We've been given an excruciatingly brief look at issue #60--and now, we wait. Check out the scan below--and know that, in Chew, some things stay consistent.