Dark Horse to Release "Ghost" as Miniseries / by Patrick Smith


Dark Horse announced at Emerald City Comic Con that it would be bringing back the series, Ghost, starting in the pages of Dark Horse Presents # 13. The three-part story arc, beginning in June, will be collected into a single issue #0 in September, segueing into a new five-part miniseries, monthly, starting in October. The book will be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Phil Noto (who will also be behind the DHP story). Ghost began life as one of Dark Horse's earliest properties, all the way back in 1993. However, while the original Ghost was a somewhat traditional superhero title, it's been announced that this iteration will be more along the lines of a supernatural mystery. The DHP stories will be from the perspective of a down and out journalist trying to unravel the mystery of who Ghost is and why she's here. The miniseries will have the Ghost front and center as the protagonist.

This will mark the second recent series to make the leap from the pages of DHP, following Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson's The Massive. I'm excited to see DeConnick and Noto's work here. I've been a fan of DeConnick for a few years now in her work at Marvel and Noto, to my mind, has slowly been becoming one of the most dynamic mainstream artists working in comics. So if nothing else, this book seems primed to become a showcase for two hungry talents. The Ghost serial will run in Dark Horse Presents #13- 15. But of course, the real fun will begin in October. Because what other month would you expect a ghost to come calling?