Fix Textbooks by Adding a Narrative - Jeremy Short at TEDxOU / by Alex Jarvis


"Students - and this may be shocking - find textbooks to be boring."

At a recent TEDx conference at the University of Oklahoma, writer/teacher/businessman Jeremy Short  brought up a hard fact of education: Textbooks can be boring.  A teacher of business, he took his love of writing and graphic novels and began to apply them to his classroom, creating several different characters and narratives to reinforce the ideas behind key lessons.

"We use an inductive idea," says Short, "where we tell you a story and you find the messages through that."

We here at Spandexless would be very interested in reading his Atlas Black" or Garcon series--if not for pleasure, then for when we eventually branch out into our chain of specialty retail stores nationwide. (We wish!)  Until then, check out the entire talk, embedded below.