Letter From The Editor: Worst. Map. Ever. (BCC) / by Beth Scorzato


I had never been to Boston Comic Con before. I've been to Boston before (I'm pretty sure it's where my soul belongs) but the show had always managed to elude me, especially since I had always heard that it was kind of small. Oh man am I glad I went this year. BCC is a comic book fan's show. Now of course, technically all shows are "fan shows" but BCC is a comic con in the truest sense of the word. There's no larger "industry presence." There's no promo for movies, cartoons, toys or anything else comic-related but outside the medium. The majority of the floor is Artist's Alley, and while some heavy hitters are certainly represented there, it's largely small press and self-publishers just trying to push their work out into the world. These are our people. These people are awesome. I went through Artist's Alley probably about 12 times, sporting my newly minted Spandexless shirt. Eventually booths that wanted to talk to me started calling out, "Hey Lose The Capes! Over here!" I met lots of great creators and reconnected with some old friends and generally had a blast handing out cards for Spandexless, talking to people about their work and picking up books for review here on the site. A HUGE thank you to all the creators who donated review copies to us. We have a limited budget and your willingness to part with your book for nothing in exchange but a review allows us to continue to function and give exposure to small books like yours, which is one of our favorite things to do. We love reading books that you might not find in the local comic book shop. We want to give everyone's book a chance in the spotlight.

If I missed your booth or your book, it might because of the WORST MAP EVER. If you were at BCC, you know. If not, here's what happened: Posted at random spots throughout the hall there were freestanding signs with a "map." There were only two problems. 1) The booths were numbered on the map, but not on the showfloor. 2) The "guide" to exhibitors was listed in alphabetic order starting at something like F and then going around the horn, and appeared to only be the names of whomever actually registered for the booth. No company names, no dual names for shared booths, nothing. Worst. Map. Ever.

To the organizers of Boston Comic Con: You ran a great show, but seriously. I will make you a better map next year if that's what it takes. For free. Please... just... no.

But in all reality, the organizers of BCC were awesome. Particular thanks to the elusive Nick. I was never able to locate him throughout the weekend (and every time I asked someone they would say, he was JUST ____) but pre-show, when I had a problem with my ticket, he emailed back and forth with me until it got sorted out. Not a lot of convention organizers would be so willing to help out one single attendee in the midst of all they have to do.

Ultimately, we made it through BCC unscathed, if a little tipsy (thanks to Joe Mulvey from Comix Tribe for insisting if I was going to drink with guys I had to keep up. I think I did okay.). But we're just getting started for the convention season. This weekend you can find me at MoCCA Fest in NYC working at the Fanfare/Ponet Mon booth while also interspersing trolling the floor for more books for us to review.

In the meantime, look for reviews of BCC books in the coming weeks and, as always, keep reading comics.