Morning Links: Deep End Edition / by Spandexless


We took a swim in the Internet and look what we found! Writing | John Rozum gave a good long talk on his blog on editing comic scripts and the trouble writers have with "killing their children." (via

Workshops | Playboy and National Lampoon cartoonist Gahan Wilson will teach a Master Class in cartooning at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art later this month. (via Graphic Novel Reporter)

Video | A companion to a recent articleDaniel Clowes talks to the New York Times about The Cartoonist's Goal. (via New York Times)

Legacy | Gary Gianni's last Prince Valiant strip ran last week, and his successor has been announced. (via Daily Ink)

ECCC | A show floor interview with Darick Roberts on Before the Boys. (via Bleeding Cool)

TV | The iFanboy staff makes a dream cast & crew for a TV adaptation of Y: The Last Man. (via iFanboy)

Webcomics | Kevin Church announced he'll be starting a new webcomic in June, with Max Riffner and Rick Hiltbrunner. Check out the preview for Signs and Meanings. (via Kevin Church)

Interview | An interview with the creators of Twxxd. (via Your Webcomics)

YouTube | New YouTube channel Geek & Sundry pairs with Dark Horse to create a motion comic based on The Secret. (via Geek & Sundry)

Podcast | Wired's Storyboard Podcast talks Brian K. Vaughn's Saga. (via Wired)

New | Crimson Herring, a new webcomic, is asking you to tell the story in a choose-your-own-adventure-esque murder mystery. (via Crimson Herring, as is today's header image.)