Morning Links: Polaroid Boyfriend Edition / by Alex Jarvis


GOON SELLS OUT | While we here at Spandexless do enjoy a superhero book once and a while, we are always interested in seeing some mature criticism of the genre. When we're tired of that, we look at stuff like The Goon #39. [via IGN Comics] BLOESS AND BLUE | Bluewater Productions (famous--or perhaps infamous--for making unauthorized biographical books on political figures and celebrities) has announced a partnership with German publisher artist Willi Bloess to produce autobiographical comics on famous artists. [via The Beat]

PROFESSIONAL KICKSTARTERS | Bleeding Cool published a really interesting look at how Kickstarter has changed things for comic creators who are already well established. [via Bleeding Cool]

RADICAL EDUCATION | Co-founder of the once radical activist group The Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, has been working on reforming education with comic books. Comics Alliance has the interview. [via Comics Alliance]

CHEMICALS COLLIDE | CBR has an exclusive interview with the team behind the hotly anticipated Collider. [via CBR]

ART IMITATING ART | A fan-made loose adaptation of Brian Wood's Local has appeared on Vimeo, capturing some of the intensity and occasional fondness of the original work. Check it out! [via Vimeo]