Morning Links: SAGA #2 Edition / by Alex Jarvis


SAGA |  Our friends at Comics Alliance have an exclusive preview of Saga #2, and it looks awesome. [via Comics Alliance] SKULLKICKERS | Broken Frontier shows some love for our favorite issue of Skullkickers--the one that we appeared on! We'll just pat ourselves on the back here. [via Broken Frontier]

BOOM | BOOM has posted a video of their ECCC experience, showing off their panel and some interesting looks behind the scenes. [via BOOM]

MIND THE GAP(S) | More interviews with the author of the hotly anticipated Mind the Gap, Jim Mcann--one at Multiversity, and the other at CBR. [via CBR and Multiversity]

GRIM LEAPER |  Check out this advanced preview of Grim Leaper over at Team Hellions. [via Team Hellions]

HE IS RISEN | It's not easy being a teenager. Especially when you are a clone of Jesus Christ, right? Check out this interview/preview of Punk Rock Jesus, coming soon from Vertigo. [via Newsarama]

C2E2| The Beat has a list of all C2E2 programming, for those lucky enough to be going. [via The Beat]

NAT 50% | Comixology is offering a sale on their IDW Dungeons and Dragons books. From now until 11pm  4/12 (EST), all of their digital D&D books are 50% off.  Get rolling, kids! [via Comixology]