Morning Links: Wizards in WWII Edition / by Alex Jarvis


World War Wands | The team behind Gutter Magic (which we reviewed previously) have released this super slick trailer for the  book. [via YouTube] Alabastweets | Dark Horse spent yesterday evening on Twitter, releasing countless teasers about their new miniseries, Alabaster: Wolves. Coincidentally, we also reviewed it today. [via Twitter]

Son Of Kirby | The son of famed comic book artist ad writer Jack Kirby shares his thoughts on growing up with his father. [via Comics Alliance]

Lettering | Comics Alliance shows us through the work of Stan Sakai that lettering is an art form unto itself. [via Comics Alliance]

Comic Monsters on Film | Guy Davies, former artist of BPRD, recently completed working as a concept artist on Guillermo del Toro's upcoming flick Pacific Rim. [via Guy Davis]

We, Too, Can be Heroes | iFanboy shows us a line of shirts featuring the heroes of history. [via iFanboy]

Trigger 6 looks Sick | Multiversity shows us some preview pages from the upcoming  Trigger 6, from Jimmy Palimotti and Justin Gray. [via Multiversity]

Leaping | Here's another look at the upcoming Grim Leaper, from Image's Shadowline imprint. [via iFanboy]