Spandexless Supports... / by Patrick Smith


As you all know, we here at Spandexless are huge supporters of the comic book medium and we do our level best to showcase books outside the traditional superhero set of titles. However, with the advent of crowd sourcing we also have the opportunity to highlight books that need some help coming print and we feel that being in our position, we should do what we can to help them out. In what we hope will be a semi-regular series, the Spandexless staff would like to showcase certain projects that are still seeking funding that we hope will peak your interest to0. The title of each project is linked to their respective funding page and we hope you consider donating. This week we let staff writer Patrick Smith showcase three projects he thinks are worth supporting.



What Is It:  Anathema is slated to be a six issue limited series written by Rachel Deering  with art by Christopher Moonyham and will follow a young woman named Mercy Barlowe as she accepts a sinister curse in order to reclaim her female lover's lost soul from a nefarious cult. The book will combine elements from old EC horror titles like Creepy and Eerie but with the look and feel of a Hammer Horror Film. So in a nutshell: one hell of a ride.

Why You Should Pledge:  Honestly if it comes right down to it I just want some diversity in my comics, that diversity could be in the fact that Mercy is gay, but more specifically I want diversity in a comic creator's point of view. And from what I've seen, Deering has a unique one. You can honestly see the passion and excitement she has for this project and that goes a long way to making a quality product. Also, horror always seems to be one of those underrepresented genres in modern comics, nearly as underrepresented as LBGT comics. So when a comic looks to blend those two together it's worth noticing.

The Graphic Textbook

What Is It: The goal of The Graphic Textbook is to create a grade school textbook that incorporates a dozen short stories by various comics professionals to teach kids a variety of subjects using words and pictures!

Why You Should Pledge: Do me a favor and click the above link and scroll down to the part on who's contributing to this project and tell me where else you've seen such a murderers row of talent in one place. Honestly though, the biggest reason I can think of to support this is that it could potentially be a great way to get kids into comics and with the talent involved they may also learn something in fun and interesting ways.



What Is It: Reincar(Nate) is a an original graphic novel written by Michael Moreci with art by Keith Burns, Reincar(nate) follows PI Nate McCoy as he pursues a case that goes right to the heart of his city's criminal underworld and his own past. Of course the past in this case are Nate's past lives such as as an Old West lawman, Jameson, and Sixties hitman, Alan. He'll have to learn how to cope with these two new passengers and figure out how they all fit into the case at hand.

Why You Should Pledge: I'll openly admit I'm a sucker for genre stories but I also really enjoyed Moreci's last book Hoax Hunters and it looks like he'll incorporate a lot of elements that made that book so enjoyable here. It has an interesting hook, action and some snappy dialogue all in a nice pulpy package. So if nothing else it looks like it'll be a fun read.

So that brings us to the end of our first installment. In our next installments we'll hear from other Spandexless staff members to see what other projects are worth highlighting. Also if you know of a Kickstarter of Indiegogo that needs funding, shoot us a line the comments, tipline or on Twitter and maybe it will be featured in the next installment!