The Bulletproof Coffin Cuts Up Kirby / by Alex Jarvis


The team behind The Bulletproof Coffin released a blog post teasing their next issue. Being creative people, they couldn't just do it  outright. No, they opted for an artistic commentary on the nature of the visual narrative: the cut-up, which is could be considered a physical remix. Indeed, their next issue is made to be remixed at your beck and call. Here's 76 of the eventual 84 panels.

But they didn't stop there.

That's an original copy of The Fantastic Four #2, by Jack Kirby. This is, by all standards, a legendary comic, worth what is probably a great deal.

We may not cover superhero comics here, but we do not hate them--and I am sure that Hine and Shaky don't either. I can't say I'd do this to a seminal Kirby book, but I absolutely can't fault them for giving it the cut-up treatment.  Our journalist integrity makes us deliver this final image with a warning: NOT SAFE FOR COLLECTORS.

 The horror; the horror.