FUBAR: A Right Proper Zombie Scenario / by David Anderson


God, you know what I always hated about zombie flicks? There was never any explanation why any military force on earth wasn't prepared for them. The protagonist always wakes up and finds the world a total mess, and you know why? Well, how else are they going to skip over the part where the military and the CDC literally crush any zombie epidemic that pops up? Shaun of the Dead is the only zombie flick I've seen where they actually have the military save the day, while everyone else had to trot out some BS about how an infected dude woke up in his barracks one night and bit everyone in Fort Clark before anyone woke up or something equally stupid.

FUBAR: The Devil's Dance Floor is nice, though. I can tell Jeff McComsey was inspired to write this one day when he was just hanging out in the front yard one autumn day when he said "Know what? What if you had those Call of Duty Nazi zombies fight some Tommies in the North African desert?" Zombies may have been inserted just about everywhere these days, but it's like, well, Nazi Zombies: even after you've gotten bored of murdering them as Richard Nixon on an Xbox, you still find a primal kind of comfort in watching this idiot cannon fodder get a sound thrashing.

FUBAR, is a series of anthologies (two so far) focused on the idea that in World War II we fought zombies. The Devil's Dance Floor is just one of many. But THIS one will be available TOMORROW on Free Comic Book Day!

Which explains why this particular chapter is so short. It's a teaser of the bigger premise. It's basically "let's throw these two elements together and watch them throw down". There's no real characterization or plot development; there isn't time. It all comes down to a snapshot of a small part of a giant battle set in a "What If" where Rommel pits the undead against the British 6th Army in North Africa, and we watch their heroic last stand. There's precious little dialogue here, and what is there is what you'd expect from any war movie, but damn if it doesn't get you every time you read it.

The art is the best part of this of course. It's all monochrome with nice lighting and light shadowing, a stylized war film without the grainy footage. Unfortunately, the style doesn't really lend itself to showing mass destruction from a distance--artillery barrages look like they slap a bunch of stick figures around sometimes. However, it's still damn fine to look at up close. I enjoy the character designs too, from those swag berets to the glorious moustaches that help distinguish characters from each other. It's all so...fancy.

With the whole zombie craze getting real tired, it's still enjoyable in small doses. This is a good teaser read that shows off McComsey's talents and I think it's worth taking a look at. Why don't you pick it up tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day? We all know you'll be there!

TL;DR: If you like your zombie action in a shot glass and with a different flavor from the usual, try this out.

FUBAR: The Devil's Dance Floor is written and illustrated by Jeff McComsey and jointly published by 215 Ink and FUBAR Press. You can find a list of local comic book shops that will be carrying it here. If your shop isn't on the list, you can download your free digital copy here.

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A review PDF of FUBAR: The Devil's Dance Floor was graciously provided to Spandexless by the publisher.