Morning links: MorrisonCon Edition / by Alex Jarvis


CON ARTISTS |  Bleeding Cool has the scoop on a number of talents that will be in attendance at the first ever MorrisonCon in Las Vegas. Notably absent; one bald fiction-mancer. [via Bleeding Cool] MINDING | Image gives us one final tantalizing preview of Mind the Gap #1, before it comes out tomorrow. [via Image]

LONE RANGER | CBR Gives us a preview of The Lone Ranger #5. [ via CBR ]

THE WORLD THAT'S FASHIONABLE |  The Beat shows us some Australian fashion inspired by the works of Jack Kirby.

HERO INITIATIVE | Robot 6 walks the line between enthusiasm for works of art and respect for their original creators and shows us a way to cool your conscience. [via Robot 6]