If Boy Ponies are Bronies... / by Beth Scorzato


Are comics ponies cronies? I hope not... Hasbro and IDW have announced here at SDCC that they'll be starting a My Little Pony comic book series, based on the popular Hub series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. According to the press release:

Fans of the animated series will be excited to hear that the comics will stay true to its moral foundation, while providing themes and subject matter that older audiences can also appreciate. MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC will bring new adventures to the ponies as they help residents of Ponyville while learning memorable lessons about the meaning of friendship.

Okay fine. Here's why you should care: It's being written by Katie Cook and she's pretty great. Her main production is Gronk (which I'll actually  be posting a review of next week!) though she has work for Marvel and DC under her belt as well. To my mind, she's a wonderful all-ages writer and I think she's a perfect fit for a series like this. I'm not really a Pony fan, but I'm certainly interested in at least checking it out with Cook attached.

Art will be by Andy Price with special covers throughout the series by artists including Jill Thompson and Stephanie Buscema. The series is slated to begin November 2012.