Spandexless at SDCC / by Beth Scorzato


Hello Spandexlers! Beth here. I will be at SDCC all next week (Wednesday-Sunday). Woo hoo! While I'll be spending part of that time working in the Fanfare/Ponet Mon booth (Booth 2102, in the Independent Press pavilion), I'll also be hitting the floor with Spandexless promo cards, a voice recorder, a camera and a top hat (because it's Comic-Con so why the hell not?).

I'm looking for books to review for the site and small press owners who would be willing to do some interviews for a new spotlight feature I'll be starting on the site.

I'm also just looking for people who want to go out and get drinks and swap showfloor war stories after close each night.

So tell me: What booths should I be hitting? What will you be promoting? How sweet is my top hat? (The only answer to that last one is pretty sweet.)

Looking forward to seeing you there!