Reviewening 2: Review Harder / by Beth Scorzato


See all those folks in the header image? Those were all the Spandexless staff at SPX this year in the closest we've gotten so far to a full-staff family photo! From left to right (if you care) is: Myself (only girl, duh), Anthony, Philip, Alex, David and Patrick. But now that SPX 2012 is over, Reviewening season is upon us.

What is Reviewening? I'm glad you asked. It's pretty simple, but here's a rundown:

1) Everything we picked up at SPX gets reviewed. If it went into our bags, it gets covered.

2) We put all other review coverage on hold until all SPX reviews are done. This could take a week, it could take longer. But all SPX reviews come first before our return to your regularly scheduled programming.

3) Though they are a cousin of Reviewening, SPX Talks aren't necessarily beholden to this rule and may extend into the resumption of normal posts.

That's it. We love the Small Press Expo. They are our people and we (we hope!) are theirs and we feel that it's important to share everything we found there with you.

A general disclaimer for the duration of Reviewening: While we did spend a lot of money (a lot) purchasing books at SPX, some creators were kind enough to donate their work to us for review. Unlike usual, I can not possibly remember who these people were (as I usually indicate at the bottom of each review). All I know is I took your book home. Somehow it ended up in my bag. It's an amazing blur of a weekend. Therefore if you did graciously donate your book, thank you, we love you. If you did not, thank you we also love you.

"Thank you, we love you, there's a chocolate fountain."

Let the Reviewening begin!