Spandexless Laughs: ComedyCazi in Davis Square / by Alex Jarvis


Spandexless contributor Sam Kusek has done something really awesome: He's hosting a comics themed improv show at ComiCazi (my go-to  comic store in Boston, and one of the best I've been to in general), named (aptly) "ComedyCazi". It's tomorrow night at 8pm, and for the cheap price of a Batman annual you can take part in the live, nerdy, improv goodness. I'll let him tell you about it:

ComedyCazi is a comedic stage show conceived by two Emerson graduates and is held monthly in Davis Square’s premier comic shop, Comicazi.

Combining a love of comic books and comedy, each show features a cast of lovable characters in four tales of adventure with improv games interspersed. You’ll see superheroes in their downtime, a family of feathered foodies and robots who dream of what it’s like to be human.

Each ComedyCazi show ticket is 5 dollars per person and we are a cash only operation so please do come prepared!

That is really just our short blurb. If you would like more info on the stories, we have a short description and image of each one on the website here:

Our next show is at September 29th at 8 pm.

Sam is a hilariously funny guy, and the stuff we've seen from their past shows makes us destructively envious that we can not attend -- but you can! Check out the ComedyCazi facebook  or website for more information, and then go go go! (Plus it's Sam's birthday today! So if you went, it would be a sweet birthday present... from a stranger...)