Spandexless Spandexless Everywhere / by Beth Scorzato


Hey, all! SPX this weekend! Are you pumped? CAUSE WE ARE. But before we get into that, did you know that last night Alex was on an episode of the 5by5 podcast, The Comic Shack? If you were on our front page at all in the last 12 hours then you probably did. BUT DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT NOW?

Check out the episode here and please weigh in on the debate over how to pronounce our website's name. It's a hotly contested issue between Alex and I.

Now for the weekend.

We will be rolling SIX DEEP at the Small Press Expo this weekend (I can't believe I just said that). Which is absolutely astounding to us but also means that, unlike last year, there will be enough Spandexless to go around.

Attending SPX with Spandexless will be: David, Patrick, Anthony, Philip, Alex and myself. We will be going to panels, looking for books to review, talking to creators (if you would be up for giving an interview about your work let us know!), checking out debut books, networking with publishers, and doting on Jade T. Superstar, official mascot of Spandexless. We'll also be covering the Ignatz Awards and sending missives and tweets from the show floor (sanity not guaranteed).

For the duration of our SPX coverage, we'll be pausing in posting reviews of previously submitted titles. If you've sent me your book for review, have heart! I have not forgotten about you. But SPX is the biggest event of the year here in the world of Spandexless and we want to get it all in all at once. We will return to our regularly scheduled reviews in (likely) about a week.

So keep checking back here all weekend as we up our coverage to get in every ounce of the Small Press Expo we POSSIBLY. CAN. Starting with later this afternoon when we'll have a preview of some titles to look for at the show.

And let's be real, we'll probably talk about Jade some more too.