SPX Preview (Just in case you thought we couldn't possibly get more excited) / by Beth Scorzato


Seriously, guys. I'm still in NYC but I'm am basically just biding my time until we're in Bethesda. And of course the SPX tumblr is rocking it today making me even MORE jealous! Here's some cool projects you'll be able to find at the show:

(Thanks to all those who reached out!)

So Buttons #5, written by Jonathan Baylis with a cover by Tom Scioli (Godland, American Barbarian), and interior work by Noah Van Sciver (The Hypo, Blammo), Thomas Boatwright (Zeke Deadwood), Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, and Paul Westover.

Find it at table I5.

Two super-secret books to look out for this weekend are a preview book of Re•pro•duct: Self-Applied and Ribbon Sky, both from writer Austin Wilson. Why are they super-secret? Because lacking a table (and a publisher... take note!), if you want a copy of these totally free mini-comics, you'll have to find Wilson or co-creator David Hopkins on the show floor and ask for them. It's like a mini-comics scavenger hunt. Which is basically a phrase combining two of my favorite things.

Re•pro•duct: Self-Applied a preview of a six issue mini-series of the same name written by Wilson, illustrated by Logan Faerber, and lettered by Hopkins. The story takes place in a future where robots have been legally granted the right to life, and are "Sparked" into existence utilizing the information stored in a human being's prefrontal cortex. This leads to many problems, such as the bots lacking the sense of touch, but also the lack of gender. The largest theme of the book is feelings, both the tactile sense and the emotional occurrence. The mini will contain four pages from the first, second, and third issues of Re•pro•duct, all of which are 100% illustrated. The entire series is written, and the remaining issues are in the process of being illustrated and lettered.

Ribbon Sea, is a short story written by Wilson, illustrated by Lowell Isaac, and also lettered by Hopkins. It is a sci-fi tale inspired by the current Image book Prophet, and is rendered in beautiful full color (also by Lowell Isaac). The story is only 6 pages long, but, according to Wilson, contains the phrases "Science Soldier" and "sky swimming." I'M SOLD.

RM Rhodes (H1-H2) has not one, not two, but four books debuting at SPX! And if the exhibitor map is confusing, no worries. He says you won't be able to miss him because he's the only man in the room wearing a purple suit. Or so we all assume. Check it out what he's got in store for the SPX crowd:

1) Starseed is a gay porn space opera currently running as a webcomic. The print edition of the first book will be at SPX be in full color. This book introduces the crew of the experimental ship Starseed, as they go on their first official mission. Starseed is written by RM Rhodes and illustrated by Sarah P.

2) Emo Galactus is a 16-page conversation between Galactus and The Watcher about indie comics and reality television. Emo Galactus was written by RM Rhodes and illustrated by Meredith Burke. (WHAT? ALSO, YES.)

3) GeoWashMemPkwy is scrapbooked together from photos taken on the George Washington Memorial Parkway in an attempt to convey a sense of what driving on the Parkway is like on a typical summer day. GeoWashMemPkwy was written and designed by RM Rhodes using photos by Rachel Rhodes, who also added embellishment and lettering.

4) Ansemia is either: A typical commercial comic from the far-off fantasy land of Ansemia OR an art comic where all of the dialog balloons contain ansemic writing.

An SPX debut that I know I'm personally excited for is Wings for Wheels: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen. Now while not everyone has the same level of deep love for The Boss and The E Street Band as I do (I have a poster of The Big Man and The Boss on my wall) you still have to admit it's kind of cool that the book comes in a 45 sleeve.Here's the solicit:Wings for Wheels: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen is a collection of comics about the power and ubiquity of The Boss. If you've ever spent a long drive listening to Nebraska or an evening of revelry belting out Born to Run in Karaoke, this book is for you!  Bound beautifully as a sexy 45 sleeve, this collection is available for $6 featuring 40 jam-packed pages of work by Pat Barrett, Josh PM Frees, Jen Vaughn, Dan McCool, Jen May, Todd McArther, and Nomi Kane.

You can pick up Wings for Wheels at table J5 (The Center for Cartoon Studies), E3 (Pat Barrett) and also wherever Josh PM Frees will be (If you know wehre this is let me know. He's not on the exhibitor list.).

And last but certainly not least, favorite friends of ours from last year's SPX, Jason Strutz & Jeremy Whitley (Princless) will be back exhibiting their Firetower Studios books including a new double-sized issue of the fantastic Order of Dagonet, pubbing through the equally fabulous Action Lab Comics.

Debuting at the show for Strutz will be Pizzula, an illuminated manuscript story of a Pizza Dracula.

The desperate struggle of man versus pizza dracula. The story contained within these pages is not for the faint of tummy, and though you may quake with fear and your very gut might burst at the pulse-quickening horrors it reveals, the story must be told. It is a spine-tingling fright fest of extra large proportions topped with delightful characters, a sprinkling of fierce monsters, and a titular vampire villain. This is pizza-related entertainment supreme.

Whitley will be on hand with the a collection of short stories from the world of PrincelessPrinceless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1. I haven't done a review yet, but I've already read the book and I can safely say I would highly recommend picking it up!

Find both books at the Firetower Studios booth, G12.

Phew! Are you still with me? Did you read all of that? YOU. ROCK. There are a TON more debuts at the show this year and you can find them catalogued over on the SPX page. What books are you looking to pick up?

See you in Bethesda!