SPX Roundup: Wolves, Dogs, Cat Cops and The Strongest Man in the World / by David Anderson


All right kids, here's the first mass review of books I swiped from SPX. A couple of these things were free and they're of varying quality, so this'll be fast and grody. My feet are wet and Black Mesa Source just downloaded, so I'll keep these blurbs down to 200 words each (hopefully): Sequential Art, Select Works: A small free booklet that was on display from the Savannah College of Art and Design, this compendium is a nice little display of some of the best work being done by students from this Georgia university. Each submission is about one or two pages in length and encompasses every conceivable subject and art style. Some submissions are storyboards, glimpses of longer comics, 3D models or sketches of characters. It's a neat little time-waster to flip through since all the art is top-notch, though because of how small the booklet is the fonts can be hard to read. Still, it's cool to see what students are working on, and who might stand out as a rising star in the future.

Pussy Fuzz by Catherine Peach:  Imagine if you had two Sailor Moon characters as anthropomorphic cats in police uniforms, chasing rabbit criminals and apprehending them while hearts and stars fly out in every direction. It's a hyperactive style combined with an overtly gleeful dialogue and tone- so ridiculously happy about life that I suspect the characters and the author are shirking their ADHD meds in favor of Ecstasy. The stories are super short and full of sparkles and squealing catgirls. At one point one of them takes no more than a single panel to give birth to a mascot character while vaulting a fence. It's Japan levels of weirdness. Not sure how much I want to say about the art style because the author at least seems to have done a pretty good job of making a hyper-cutesy anime style, but it's so overloaded with detail that I got glitter covered third degree burns on my face. Also I kind of feel like it should feel less like I'm looking at a personal sketchbook. I don't know, sparkles were never my thing anyway. Maybe I should've tasked this one out to my little sister ten years in the past?

Waiting For October: Rachel Edidin and Miles Stokes edited this little booklet of homages to the long-gone Nickelodeon TV series The Adventures of Pete and Pete, which I'm sure you must have heard of if you were a suburban kid with a cable connection in the 90's. I for one have great memories of the show, and this homage was a good buy. It features art from people like Chris Hastings, Ellen Crenshaw, Justin Peterson and many more. There's short page-long stories, portraits and strips here, and all of it captures both the carefree feeling of the show and the nostalgia I feel in recollection. The sheer volume of Artie pictures makes up for the lack of Janeane Garofolo.

Since we're reviewing literally everything we get our hands on, here's a short review of a poster I picked up: It's awesome. I'll leave the watermark in the photo so you can check out the website printed on it:

And that's all for now. I had a tiny picture card thing with a dog and a shocking revelation printed on it but I can't find it. Pretty sadbrains over that but I'll let you know if I find it.

More to come! More reviews, some interviews and panel coverage. Sweet jesus there is a lot to cover, but it's a good pain.