John, They’re Only Dancing. No really, that’s actually it. / by Philip Skurski


The dark neon drenched sensory overloaded dance party. We've all been there, for better or worse. It’s a way for people to let off steam, to work out whatever it is they need unknotted. Some people just really like to dance (I have never counted myself among them). But most dance parties (least ways in my experiences) are awkward, sweaty, a little uncomfortable, and always leaving you thinking “Man, that wasn't as much fun as I had hoped”.

That’s how I felt about finishing Dance Party by Andrea Tsurumi. It’s about a dance party (fair enough) where the power goes out (oh no!) but no one except the DJ notices because they’re all dancing too hard (really? Really).  It’s colorful in a way that tries to emulate a club or dance situation, with saturated colors pouring out into the black that makes you forget that you’re dancing with the kinda-cute-mostly-creepy-guy from that coffee shop you go to during the daylight hours. It all looks kind of like a cave painting, primal.

There are a few hints in the art at something more interesting than what we get. But that’s all, a few animalistic or weirdly off looking characters, though characters don’t really seem to be important here. It’s more of an anecdote. A sort of “Hey, remember that time when…” which will be followed up with “Oh yeah. Good times, good times.” End of conversation. Perhaps a “guess you had to be there”.

It took me about a minute to read all of Dance Party and it would've taken about the same to forget it, were it not so blissfully simple that I’d be having serious memory problems to forget what it was about. A dance party I’m kinda glad I wasn't at.

TL;DR Dance Party lives up to it’s name, in that it is kinda flashy, dimly lit, and forgettable.

Dance Party is written, drawn, and published by Andrea Tsurumi.

A review copy of Dance Party was graciously donated to Spandexless by the creator.