Minicomics Roundup / by Philip Skurski


Saturday night at SPX the team and I ran onto Johnny Sand, a very nice fellow indeed. He told us about his comic Tookhan Daddy. I knew I would have to pick it up the next day because it just sounded so outrageous.

SPX Minis_0003

Tookhan Daddy is the manual for a video game of the same name. The comic lays out the premise and basic controls of the game with just the greatest sense of humor. In the game you pick your space cat, then use various berreiz to seduce Tookhans. After the Tookhans love you, you get to eat them.

It has the look and feel of something similar to Katamari Damacy, and Sand’s writing is just so intentionally stilted and funny. It only takes about a minute to go through, but it is one heck of a minute. If Tookhan Daddy were actually a game, I would play it all the time.

SPX Minis_0002

Tookhan Daddy is written, drawn, and published by Johnny Sand. You can find him online at @johnnyvade.

SPX Minis_0001

With the last of the money I had for books that fateful weekend I picked up As Eavesdropped Vol. 4 by Suzanne Baumann. She threw in a tiny book called Ball Point Botany as well.

As Eavesdropped is a series of snippets of conversations. Some of the characters recur, but none of the conversations are continued. It was a pretty interesting read. I, for one, love people watching, and a part of that from time to time is eavesdropping. Sometimes you’re on an elevator or a train and the conversation around you just floats by, you can’t help but listen in. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s kinda sad, sometimes it’s nothing but that conversation those girls were having on the train. Baumann gets that, and the different conversations in As Eavesdropped run that spectrum. Her art style really suits the small form. It’s sparse and clean, and surprisingly expressive. I’d be interested in reading more volumes of this series.

SPX Minis

Ball Point Botany is 8 pages about 1 inch high, and each page has a flower drawn on it. They’re all very detailed and kind of fascinating to look at. I actually enjoy it more than As Eavesdropped because it’s just so unique. None of the flowers are real, leastways after a few sweeps of the Web I don’t think they are, I’m no botanist. And their designs are really interesting and easy to get lost in. It was a great little bonus add on for my SPX minicomics haul.

SPX Minis_0004

As Eavesdropped and Ballpoint Botany are written and drawn by Suzanne Baumann and published by Fridge Magnet Concoctions and can be found online at