Spandexless Supports: Meatspace Part 2 & 3 / by Beth Scorzato


I don't know if you've personally ever run into writer Josh Gorfain, but I seem to run into him everywhere! So long as everywhere is Bergen Street Comics or a MoCCA event or literally anything else centering on comics. Point is, he's a great guy and passionate about the medium and he's got a comic up on Kickstarter that needs your support! Check it out and throw a few bucks towards a promising creator-owned project if you've got the inclination!

There has been a war in the future.  Everyone now plays a massive MMORPG to escape the horrors of war. Its designer has just been killed.

Meatspace is the story of Lance Brighton, veteran of a future war who due to his injuries suffered on the battlefield, became one of the first brain-implanted robots in the world. After mustering out of the army, Lance spent his days indoors and engrossed in the massive multiplayer game that the world is playing, DungeonWorld, a co-creation of his son, Johnny and his friend, Anton Actos. Lance is forced into the real world, “meatspace” when his son dies mysteriously of a drug overdose. Aided by the latest member of Johnny’s team in the MMORPG, Rebecca, Lance seeks to find out what really happened to Johnny. Along the way, Lance reconnects with humanity and the real world at large.

Issue 1 came out last year (and is available on Monkey Pipe Studios) and while we never got around to it here I read it and personally I can't wait for more. There's a brand new artist for parts 2 & 3, Matthew Furber. He has a slightly different style than issue 1 artist Andrew MacLean, but if the preview pages are any indication, it's going to be gorgeous. Just look at this:



The book has 17 more days to reach it's $7000 goal. Rewards for the more popular amounts include codes for free copies of all three issues from ComiXology as well as thank yous in the book, signed art postcards and physical copies of the limited Kickstarter supporter edition of the two issues. Rewards for more ambitious backers include all the other stuff plus limited-edition figurines of the Lance, original sketches, and signed copies of books from fellow creators who support the book.

Check out the Kickstarter page and donate if you're so inclined. Plus, if this book gets funded, just that's just one more capeless comic we can review!