Minicomics Roundup: MoCCA Edition / by Spandexless


by Lynn Andrews Earth BearEarth Bear by Jason Poland The mini follows the beginning of another crazy adventure of the boy and robot duo, Robbie and Bobby. I was excited to get my hands on this mini, mainly because I'm a Robbie and Bobby fan, though with it ending more on a side note than finishing the story, I found the unclear ending bothersome. However, after mulling it over I realized this is a pretty smart idea, as it leaves readers wanting to visit the website to find out more. Overall, it's worth the read for its silliness.

Dental Damned

Dental Damned!! A Grown-Up Babies Mini by Pat Barrett Dental Damned follows the protagonist answering the question of how he lost his tooth. The Looney Toons-esque art takes us through various descriptions of crazy dance parties, sword fights, and orgies until ultimately the truth is revealed. The cover art is extremely pleasing with throwbacks to the toons of old. Subject matter is geared towards the more mature crowd.


The Retreat & Other Matters of Motivation & Relaxation by J. Tanner Mainly a showcase collection, this mini includes one short story and followed by a series of one page pieces with various phrases. The artwork is very reminisce of Edward Gorey, yet hold its own style as being cute and scary. There's a particular page that features a "walks into a bar" joke that definitely completes the collection.

Sent From Moon

Sent From the Moon: Bestov by Alison Wight As the title "states", this is a best of collection of comics from the author. The comics are a mix of slice of life and silly stories. I found the art and humor to be refreshing. The dynamics of expressions from the various characters is very well done. This small package is filled to the brim with comics. While the cover would not be one to draw me in, I'm glad I was able to give it a read.

Spandexless would like to thank all the creators for graciously donating their comics for review.

Lynn Andrews is a stay at home mom by day and a webcomic artist by night. Her comic, 6 Color Stories, and art has been featured around the web. She is consistently neck-deep in new creative adventures. While originally from Washington State, she currently finds herself trapped in Upstate NY longing for the days of good coffee shops.