More MoCCA Minicomics! / by Spandexless


by Justin Fah MoCCA minicomics! These three comics are all delightful in their own ways. Since they are each so wonderfully unique I will review them as such.


SCHMUCK Bush, Boobs & Brooklyn Edition by Seth Kushner, Pierce Hargan and Ryan Alexander-Tanner This minicomic is split into two separate stories. The stories are touted as “Semi-Autobio Comix Neurotica”. There are graphic situations artfully depicted within this book. Schmuck tells the stories of Adam Kessler’s life. While reading this edition of Schmuck I began to consider how much of an influence Harvey Pekar had on writer Seth Kushner. Coincidentally, the second story in this edition goes in depth about that influence. While I personally have very little in common with Adam Kessler I can’t help but identify with this main character. While Schmuck is packed with humorous anecdotes I feel that the relate-ability of this book is the most powerful aspect of it. To read more of Schmuck check out on Trip City.


The Homeric Hymn to Dionysus drawings by Glynnis Fawkes and translation by Gregory Nagy What may seem like a simple translation of one of the anonymous Ancient Greek hymns is in fact much more. The words are all there but artist Glynnis Fawkes powerfully recreates the story. She uses a flowing art style with wavy lines and enhances it with a very simple color palette. The results are breathtaking. The panels are so well laid out that this classic story could possibly be interpreted without words at all.


S’crapbook by Jennifer Hayden S’crapbook gives snapshots of creator Jennifer Hayden’s life four panels at a time. This limitation creates concise stories that will range from hilarious to heart-warming. To find out more about Jennifer Hayden and her work check out her website. (Or read our review of her book, Underwire! -Editors)

Review copies of all these minicomics were graciously donated to Spandexless by their creators at MoCCA 2013.

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