Boston Comic Con: Please Stop Touching My Face / by David Anderson


Ah, Boston. Land of people whose accent I always confuse with Brooklyn accents. I tried to visit the Bunker Hill monument while I was there, but couldn't figure out a good parking situation, so I settled for visiting Comic Con. UGH. Kidding, I was in the area specifically for Boston Comic Con. It was my first one and I went alone, not even in a press capacity, so I didn't really get too crazy with panels or extra stuff. Didn't really have a plan besides showing up and doing whatever my heart's soul's brain told me to do.

So I only have a couple of pictures of BCC. I mean, once you've seen one thronging mob of people you've seen them all. So here's a picture of my friends' roommate's cat, which I petted during my stay.*

Cool cat

Turns out my heart was telling me to drop 200 dollars on swag, so that's what I did. Cons are mostly just giant stores after all. Giant stores where interesting people show up to sign autographs and hock their latest books and talk about whatever the panel organizers want to talk about. I sat in on a panel where some writers talked about how they got into writing comic books- I'm pretty sure the story of those panels is the same in every con. Dudes talk about their personal experiences, tell everyone in the audience to write all the time, talk about how different things are now compared to before, etc etc. I mean, if you want something, you find out what you need to do, then you take the steps to get it. Pretty simple. I mean, simple if economic factors don't throw too many roadblocks in your way. And it helps to live in a place that isn't North Korea. I mean, over there, if your dad was a farmer, you get his job when he dies. Them's the breaks. Don't mess up in North Korea. Place sucks.

BCC, in very un-Juche fashion, had some hiccups in their operational capacities. I've never had it happen where the line for pre-paid tickets was way longer than the line to buy tickets at the door. That's how I spent my first two hours. It wasn't too bad, I talked a little with some people dressed as Adventure Time characters. But they definitely had some kind of issue with admittance because of how long the wait was. But I am a patient man so it was no big D.

What a dork amiright (kidding I took this because he pretty much nailed the look)

I bought some gifts for family, and I got to meet some writers of the Adventure Time comic books and get an issue signed by them. They were pretty neat. I also picked up some review material. There was a book writer who thought I might have been waiting to see him at his empty booth so he let me know he hadn't abandoned his post but was mingling with fans nearby. I didn't know any of his works though so it was kind of awkward. Sorry dude! You seemed pretty chill though!

Anyway I noticed a bunch of people doing some amusing cosplays and I wish I could have gotten pictures of some of them. There's that one guy who seems to be a staple of conventions now, stomping around in a Bumblebee getup that makes him eight or nine feet tall and has lights and a voice modulator and all that. I've seen him a few times in the past. I'm 90% confident that someone was cosplaying not as Batman but as the random vigilante from The Dark Knight film that tries to attack the Scarecrow with a shotgun. Otherwise his chest armor was too effing huge.

And nowadays whenever I see someone in a Flash costume that doesn't look quite right I just assume they're actually Rainn Wilson's character from Super. I hope that doesn't sound like a dick thing to say, I just mean that the only difference between the Flash and Crimson Bolt is the number of pouches and the fit of the costume itself. Plus it just makes things funnier to me.

I did pick up a couple comics for our site to review, as well. I didn't really have a plan for doing Spandexless work considering I was flying solo but still, you can expect reviews of Return to Rander, Man-Gull, Forever Winter and Broken Legacy.

It's gonna be a good three days or something

I guess this comic con was larger than the previous one, which seems to be the trend these days; I know NYCC was in the same position as Boston only a few years ago. Build a con and they will come, I suppose. I only wish I had enough money for that Mobius art book. And the Joe Sacco book about the Balkans War (the one I didn't review). And the schematics of the X-Wing and B-Wing they had on display. And the Gravity Gun and Portal Gun replicas they were selling.

I guess my next financial objective will be a 3D printer I can use to print new money for myself. Kidding, FBI! Put the guns down, I was kidding. Anyway, it was a good time, even by myself. Next year hopefully I'll have a better itinerary.

Well, more comics anyway.

 *EDITOR'S NOTE: The cat's name is Ling and she's the coolest! Most important Editor's Note ever.